About us


Organisers International Entertainment is an Australian-based artist management, booking agency and exhibition company with collectively over 40 years experience in event management. We specialise in the worldwide corporate and special events marketplace. We are proud to say we are based in Hobart, Australia which has the most cleanest fresh air and beautiful countryside in the world! Our main focus is to continue to build our worldwide network with talent buyers and corporate clients so we can present them with the best talent options available.


Robert McHatton – General Manager



Robert McHatton has over 10 years experience in talent selling and artist management and has forged a career in the worldwide special events and corporate marketplace, he really does live and breathe in this industry.  He has created and produced talent from the ground up to bring them to an elite international standard.  He is an expert in recognising what the buyer wants before they even know it.

Robert has built an international network of affiliates giving him access to a worldwide network of buyers.  He is constantly searching for new ways to market his talent and specialises in online marketing, social media, and face to face contact.  He has experience in all aspects of an event, including event producing, sound and lighting.

Robert has negotiated and secured contracts with some of the top international corporate companies, such as Toyota, Cisco, Samsung, Microsoft, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes, Dulux, Qantas, Australia Post, Jockey, Sanyo, Delta Airlines, Nokia, Coca Cola, McDonalds, and many more.

Robert has toured as a artist manager to just about every part of the world, right across America, Australia, Turkey, India, Portugal, Hong Kong, China, UAE, The Bahamas, Singapore, Indonesia to name a few.

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Janina Cowley – Managing Director



The year was 1988. The year Australia celebrated its Bi-Centenary, and the year in which Organisers International would commence, in becoming a true market leader in the organising of various trade and retail shows, throughout Australia. The coveted management rights of shows owned by Queensland Newspapers was the beginning of over two decades of quality customer service, the building of strong personal and business relationships and the enjoyment of watching a fledgling organisation flourish into a highly valued Corporate Citizen. At the helm for the entire journey of Organisers International, is the Managing Director, Janina Cowley.

Janina’s commitment to ensuring that every event was staged to her exacting standards meant that across all Shows, a very high level of repeat business was achieved. The ‘life’ of any event can be curtailed should they not be continually reviewed and refreshed, as such,Janina has always sought new features and businesses to participate. From small family concerns to large corporate, multinational conglomerates, every person from any walk of life was made to feel welcome at events or functions organised by the enigmatic Janina Cowley.

With a small team of dedicated multi-talented people at her disposal, no two events have ever been the same, something new every time. Some people have said that Janina has the ‘Midas Touch’ when talk of her business success and that of each event arises. Janina, in her true indomitable spirit, suggests otherwise!! An intimate knowledge of local and world markets, both industry and finance combined with a good dose of personal intuition has ensured the continued strength and growth of Organisers International. Ask anyone who has ever visited one of Janina’s events. Very few would disagree.

Janina is a ‘Fellow’ of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, ambassador for Same Sky, was on the board for Golden Casket, Queensland Winter Racing Festival, and the Brisbane River Festival.  Janina was also the head of the events committee for the Royal Woman’s Hospital Foundation.

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